It’s ‘YUM TIME’ at the Publix Grocery, peeps!


So, my friend Tracey found this at her local Publix grocer (in Florida). Apparently they were setting this up as a ‘good pairing’. DUH!

I’ve known about this for years. It’s called a “Drunk & Doughy” and it’s ranked #3 on the awesome snacks list in Georgia. It would be #1 but you can’t buy alcohol here on Sundays…probably why they don’t serve it at Sunday School. Well, that and the communion elements should not give you instant diabetes. That much sugar is “Euchar-isky.”

TIP: For best results, the older wine the better…and the opposite is true of the donuts. I confused this tip once and had to ‘hit the reset button’…which just means I ate a sleeve of Ritz crackers, a can of Easy Cheese and downed box of house red.


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