Beards of Comedy “Best Comedy Collective”


Creative Loafing ATLANTA has selected the Beards as the “Best Comedy Collective” in the city. We’re really glad for the honor and recognition as we all transition to other parts of the country to continue to build our presence. Big thanks to everyone who has supported us through the years. THANKS!

(See article below)

In 2009, rising comedians Andy Sandford, Dave Stone, TJ Young and Joe Zimmerman looked for a hook to promote their touring shows. The then-clean-shaven Zimmerman suggested he grow a beard so they could take the name the Beards of Comedy. The Beards provide a laid-back but hilarious lineup, with humor ranging from Stone and Young’s self-deprecating quips about being big and sweaty to more conceptual shtick, like Sandford’s imitation of Morgan Freeman reading lyrics of the Wu-Tang Clan. The hirsute foursome reliably represent Atlanta’s scruffy alt-comedy scene — at least until they move to New York this fall.

To see the listing on the CL Website Click Here.


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